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#109-India's Largest Newspaper Publisher Relies on G Suite

News plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Despite all the noise of the digital news outlets, newspapers still remain one of the principal mediums of news consumption. We read the newspaper daily. If we miss it in the morning, we don't forget to glance at the first page once or quickly skim through the pages during lunch, or when we come home in the evening. A newspaper has something for everyone. A student reads educational articles to improve their performance. It broadens their minds and is "helpful to students who need to be updated on the current issues surrounding them." It lets students explore the latest developments in the world of science, commerce, and arts. "By reading a daily newspaper, students are more informed about the role of science in their own lives and thus may feel more empowered to take control of their learning in the course, their college education, and their lives.", reports National Science Teachers Association. Mothers find inte…

#104-Do You Know What Human Takeover Is?

There was a time when apps made us elated. In 2016, people spent 900 BH (billion hours) on apps, and that's 150 BH more than in 2015. The app economy will grow to $6.3 T in 2021, which was $1.3 T in 2016. People depend on apps for a significant number of daily activities, be it booking uber trips or hotel rooms on make my trip (MMT), watching movies on netflix or sending messages to friends on whatsapp, or shopping gifts on amazon. The app economy grew fast and is still growing fast. But, there is something that is growing even faster than apps did ... and that's bot economy. The central concept of bot ecosystem is automation. Suppose, in your office you and your colleagues use a messaging platform's chat room where the team discusses the progress of ongoing projects. The team lead is the admin of the chat room. Every time the top management sends a recommendation, you are tasked to discuss the recommendation with the team. So, every time you receive a recommendation mail, you read it, understand it, and then explain it to your colleagues in the chat room before the original discussion starts. You decide to automate the process. With your team lead's permission, who is the admin of the chat room, you add a bot to the room that retrieves a recommendation mail's contents from your inbox and posts in the room. The entire team can then understand the recommendation and start discussion immediately. Automation saves important man hours which can be spent on real tasks instead of repetitive tasks which do not require creative or analytical thinking.

From a corporation's perspective, having a crystal-clear bot strategy is important. An organization needs to decide what operations it wants automated. In operations which it wants automated, they need to decide the share of automation. In the case of full automation, the bot handles flow from beginning to end. It is suitable in regular and structured tasks, for instance, when a user wants to reset his account password a bot can guide him through the entire process. For best results, we recommend, you use a mixed strategy, a strategy that takes the best of both worlds, the bot world and the human world. This strategy is called human takeover. It's a concept in bot universe through which control of a conversation is transferred from the bot to a real human. There are multiple scenarios which might require human takeover such as, triage, escalation, and supervision. A bot needs to decide when it should transfer the control to a human and it should then offer a smooth transition to the user, not a glitchy one. The bot should inform the user that control is being transferred to a human agent and the conversation should be put in a waiting state until an agent is available. On the server-side, an agent from the pool of available agents should be assigned the conversation. In order to ensure the best user experience, the agent should be provided the context information which may include user profile in addition to the bot-user conversation that took place before the transfer. The agent matching process should take the user's language, region etc. in consideration to ensure a smooth conversation. Microsoft recommends the bot should continue operating as a facilitator between the agent and the user. It should be implemented in such a fashion that the user and the agent feel they are chatting with each other directly, whereas, in reality, the bot is routing messages between them, "The bot receives messages from the user and sends those messages to the agent. Likewise, it receives messages from the agent and sends those messages to the user."

The human takeover strategy ensures the best possible user experience at the least possible cost. Businesses big and small are using this strategy to gurantee customer satisfaction. It also adds a much-needed human touch to a machine-driven conversation.

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#88-WordPress "An Active Access Token Must Be Used Create a New Site for the User." Tor Error Solution

If you are trying to create a site on on Tor Browser, during domain name reservation, you will almost certainly face this error, "An active access token must be used create a new Site for the User." The solution requires three seconds. Go to Tor Browser "Privacy and Security Settings", uncheck "Restrict third party cookies and other tracking data", click on OK, reload the page and finish the procedure. When done, don't forget to restore the privacy and security settings to defaults. A significant number of Tor users have faced this issue lately and this solution is also recommended by team. As of now, this is the only way to get a site or blog on with Tor.

Tor is a browser built especially with privacy, security, and anonymity in mind. A team of highly skilled individuals well-versed in networking and web technologies work day and night on this open source project to ensure the anonymity of millions of users. …

#41-How to Remove "Theme by Tesseract" Text from Your Tesseract Site Footer

You have finished your Tesseract website, suddenly you see that branding message at the right side of the site footer. You are not the first person who wants to remove the Tesseract theme branding message and definitely not the last. Do not be worried, we have got you covered. Follow these steps to remove the "Theme by Tesseract" text from your Tesseract site footer: Install Simple Custom CSS. Simple Custom CSS is a cool WordPress plugin by John Regan, Danny Van Kooten which provides an elegant way to add custom CSS to your WordPress site. Dashboard, Appearance, Custom CSS. Copy the three lines of CSS code from here and paste it under "/* Enter Your Custom CSS Here */" and then click on Update Custom CSS button. Check the site. The "Theme by Tesseract" text should be gone.

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#106-Tech Startup Landscape in Syria

A very intelligent person once said that only the dead have seen the end of war. In the 20th century, 108 M people were killed in wars. War is the biggest disease of humanity. Even in this so-called modern era, we have not learned to move forward putting our childish differences aside. In the midst of political conflicts, the fire of violence has tortured the hearts and minds of the peace-loving people of Syria for years. But, it has failed to suffocate the spirit of Syrian tech entrepreneurs. Let's explore the tech startup landscape in Syria.

Bot economy is growing very fast. Popular chat/message platforms such as facebook messenger, slack, and cisco spark are promoting chat bot culture. Mujeeb is a tech startup from Syria which allows the user to build chatbots for facebook platform. Businesses are learning that in order to ensure timely response to customer requests, chatbots are the most reliable solution. Using automation gives an edge to a business over its competitors. Ser…